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    Provide professional services from umbrella design to production, inspection and logistics.

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    Shenzhen JingMingXin Umbrella

    1Professional Experience

    Shenzhen JingMingXin Umbrella

    10 years of experience

    Focus on advertising umbrellas

    Experienced and skilled

    The company has invention patents


    2Scientific management

    Process quality control

    3 days sampling, 1000+ samples

    Perfect production system

    12-hour sample, 600+ materials

    Strictly comply with national standards


    3Develop fine processes

    12 fine processes, handmade

    ISO9001 quality system standard

    Excellent quality, excellence

    Using 3D design software

    All Product Delivery within 25 days


    4Improve after sales service

    No middleman

    Factory direct sales

    Service companies over 1000+

    Years of technical reserves

    Pre-sales and after-sales team


    《Umbrella custom process

    Service Hotline:


  • Advisory
  • JingMingXinProduct Development Technology Center

    R&D team with more than ten years of product excellence
  • Inspection area

    Inspection area

  • Finished area

    Finished area

  • packaging area

    packaging area

  • Silk screen workshop

    Silk screen workshop

  • Cutting workshop

    Cutting workshop

  • Joint workshop

    Joint workshop

  • Umbrella workshop

    Umbrella workshop

  • Material warehouse

    Material warehouse

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    About US

    Shenzhen Jingming Xin Umbrella Products Co., Ltd. is located in Longgang District, the umbrella capital of Shenzhen. The factory covers an area of 3,000 square meters. It is a professional manufacturer of high-end advertising umbrellas. With strong R&D strength, full-service business team, rich production technology and high standard production management mode, the products are sold all over China and exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Russia.


    Thanks belowCooperation brandMore than ten yearsJingMingXinLong-term support

    The choice of the top 500 companies,Product world more than 40 countries
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  • Company news  

    必威官网betway必威体育_必威官方网站_88betway88_Well-known animation company custom 6,000 five-fold umbrella

    Well-known animation company custom 6,00...



    Well-known animation company custom 6,000 five-fold umbrella    In recent years, under the influence of foreign Marvel series animation products, domestic animation products are also extremely hot, and at the same time fierce competition. In order to lengthen the product line, each animation company will have a relationship with the animation as long as it can be thought of. In other words, it is a "derivative", which is a series of products related to animation and film.    On May 15, 2019, Shenzhen Jingming Xin Umbrella Products Co., Ltd. signed an umbrella cooperation agreement with an animation company in Shanghai to customize 6000 ultra-mini five-fold umbrellas. This umbrella is specially designed for women, 20-inch 6-bone mini five-fold umbrella, sun-proof black rubber tape, ultra-light 50-fold rib, new ABS green plastic handle, full version of anime printing pattern. This umbrella is sold on all major platforms. Therefore, the quality of the umbrella is high. The customer...

  • Well-known animation company custom 6,000 five-fold umbrella
  • Hand in hand with a Beijing company to customize the Summer Palace, a hundred birds, phoenix, black ...
  • Domestic shared umbrellas are not satisfied with water. The number of shared umbrellas abroad is...
  • Taiwanese customers order 5000 gold hooks ultralight tri-fold umbrella
  • A bank purchases 200,000 advertising umbrellas and ships 20,000 pieces per month.
  • Advertising umbrella manufacturers produce 8,000 safe bank tri-fold advertising umbrellas in 15 days
  • Industry information  

    必威官网betway必威体育_必威官方网站_88betway88_The history of Chinese development of umbrellas, do beautiful women know?

    The history of Chinese development of...



    The history of Chinese development of umbrellas, do beautiful women know?Tri-fold black plastic umbrellaThe history of the development of umbrellas in China is as follows: oil paper umbrellas, Luo umbrellas, black cloth umbrellas, silver plastic umbrellas, black plastic umbrellas, and smart umbrellas.The paper industry in the Tang Dynasty was very developed and the society used paper. Some craftsmen paint tung oil on paper to make a rain-proof paper umbrella, which is a supplement to the umbrella (ie, the umbrella of the fabric). Who knows that it is very popular. For a time, the scene of raining everyone lifting paper umbrellas can be seen everywhere in Chang'an. Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty stipulated that the public should not use the umbrella, only paper umbrellas can be used. In the Qing Dynasty, a large number of black cloth umbrellas were produced in Guangdong and Fujian, and they were sold abroad.In other countries of the world, umbrellas have also been a symbol of...

  • The history of Chinese development of umbrellas, do beautiful women know?
  • Do you know the history of the world of umbrellas?
  • In addition to Rolls-Royce in buying a car to send an umbrella, there is its "Name HS"!
  • Jingming Xin Umbrella Factory takes everyone to understand the profit model of shared umbrella
  • What developments have the traditional umbrella industry experienced in production technology?
  • Why is the golf umbrella the "king of the umbrella" in the umbrella?
  • Umbrella Encyclopedia 

    必威官网betway必威体育_必威官方网站_88betway88_Three-fold umbrella and five-fold umbrella

    Three-fold umbrella and five-fold...



    Three-fold umbrella and five-fold umbrellaThree-fold umbrella and five-fold umbrella umbrella illustration, please see the following pictures and text for details:1. After the umbrella is closed, the right hand will gather the umbrella beads and hold them tightly, and the left hand will hook out the corners (as shown in Figure 1 below);Three-fold umbrella and five-fold umbrella collection umbrella diagram 12. Straighten the umbrella along the crease and wind the umbrella clockwise (see Figure 2 below);Three-fold umbrella and five-fold umbrella collection umbrella diagram II3. Tighten the umbrella strap and fasten the umbrella buckle (see Figure 3 below). If you need to put on the umbrella cover, you can slowly rotate the umbrella into the sleeve.Three-fold umbrella and five-fold umbrella collection umbrella diagram three

  • Three-fold umbrella and five-fold umbrella
  • Which is better for the three-fold umbrella and the five-fold umbrella?
  • What are the types of umbrellas?
  • Umbrella manufacturers teach you how to turn white?
  • When it’s raining, you need one of these windproof golf umbrellas.
  • What kind of folding umbrella makes you not tan?